When a warmongering species invaded the Mohru realm, a peaceful world known for the speed-loving amphibian beings that inhabit it, little did anyone know what would happen next... With their leader defeated and cities up in flames, those that were able to escape did so and those who were not so lucky found themselves prisoners, with the excepton of one brave hero.
"Only the Essence of Creation can save us now!"
"Lord Kalis has been defeated! Who will be brave enough to save us now!"
Known only as the Essence of Creation (EoC), this concentrated, malleable compound which can be used to evolve ones self into a stronger more powerful being is one of the most valuable objects in the universe,
Breaking free from captivity, an unlikely hero by the name of Tyltin hatched a plan and infiltrated the underground vault of his defunct leader.
There he would find the remaining supply of EoC vials,taking them with him through an interdimensional portal he had hoped would return him to a more peaceful version of his reality.
Tyltin miscalculated some factors, and instead he sent all of his people to an alternative reality on Earth where they are now paired with human companions who own them as NFT characters in a computer game racing simulation.
In order to get strong enough to return to their reality and retake their homeland, they need our help in collecting Essence of Creation (EoC) to evolve as stronger, smarter, bigger, and more powerful version of themselves.